iClient for Real Estate Agents User Guide

Start Page

From the Start Page you can:

  • Add a client
  • List all clients
  • List all clients by transaction type (Sale or Purchase)
  • Set the security password

Set Password Page

From the Set Password page you can:

  • Choose a password
  • Remove your password so the app isn't password protected anymore
  • Make sure to remember your password or you will not be able to access your information

Enter Password Page

From the Enter Password page you can:

  • Enter your password so you can access the client information you entered

Client List Page

From the Client List page you can:

  • Select a client to view or enter data
  • Delete a client by 'swiping' the row

Choose Client Category Page

From the Choose Category page you can:

  • Select all clients involved in Purchase transactions only
  • Select all clients involved in Sale transactions only

Client Details Page

From the Client Details page you can:

  • Edit the client information
  • Add a transaction
  • Delete a transaction by 'swiping' the row

Property Details Page

From the Property Details page you can:

  • Edit the property information
  • Update your client's feelings about the property
  • View the location on the map if you entered an address
  • Add photos of the property (Camera option requires iPad 2)

Client Checklist Page

From the Checklist page you can:

  • Add items to your checklist
  • Delete items from your checklist by 'swiping' the row
  • Tap a row to mark the checklist item as complete or incomplete
  • Reorder the items in your checklist
  • Email the checklist to anyone

Client Notes Page

From the Notes page you can:

  • Add notes
  • Delete notes by 'swiping' the row
  • Email the notes to anyone

Transaction Details Page

From the Transaction Details page you can:

  • Name your client transaction
  • Select the type - Purchase or Sale
  • Enter the date (or expected date) of the transaction
  • Enter properties associated with the transaction
  • Enter the checklist associated with the transaction
  • Enter the schedule associated with the transaction
  • Enter notes associated with the transaction

Appointment Pages

From the Appointment page you can:

  • Create a new appointment
  • iClient will notify you when the appointment is going to occur (based on the reminder time you specify)
  • If you select a 'Calendar to Save to' the appointment will also be added to your iPad calendar
  • Delete an appointment by 'swiping' the row

Property Photos Page

From the Property Photos page you can:

  • Add a Photo from your Library
  • Add a Photo from your Camera (iPad 2 only)
  • View a Photo by tapping the row
  • Delete a Photo by 'swiping' the row

iClient for Real Estate Agents was developed for real estate agents with client lists small or large.
Use iClient to manage all of the clients for your business. Whether you're a seller's agent, buyer's agent, or both, iClient is a great app to consolidate all of your client information.
Have all of your client information right at your finger tips in the office or out of the office. It's great for when you're on the road all day going from house to house.
Just some of the benefits include:

  • Password protection to protect your private information
  • Share with your colleagues
  • Store all of your client information in one location
  • Map properties that your clients are interested in
  • Easily indicate if your clients like or dislike a particular property
  • Filter your clients by transaction category
  • Input house information per transaction
  • Keep a historical record of the properties your clients have bought or sold
  • Keep information such as personal preferences, birth date, and family information all in one place
  • Add notes to transactions as needed
  • Manage your schedule including configurable reminders
  • Each transaction has a customizable status checklist
  • Look for patterns over time
  • Email information to any email address
  • Easily print the email for access anywhere

Once you start using iClient, you'll wonder you managed all of your client information before.
We're always open for suggestions so please contact us with your ideas to make the app better!

You can find iClient for Real Estate Agents in the Apple iTunes store by clicking on the image below (opens iTunes).