Top Rookie Scorers from the 2013 Fantasy Football season

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Top Rookies of the 2013 Fantasy Football Season

Consistency is key to winning each week in fantasy football. If you have boom or bust players you may win big some weeks and lose big other weeks.

The list of rookies below shows you each player's average points per week but also shows how consistent the player is each week.

For example, Geno Smith had the most points per week but he had some great weeks and some weeks where he did poorly. In the weeks where he did poorly (weeks 8 - 12) it was likely that your team would lose if you started Smith as your QB.

Mike Glennon on the other hand was more consistent week in and week out which makes it easier to plan for the points that he would score each week. Glennon had less chance to have a huge week but also less chance to have an awful game.

From looking at the charts one thing that is readily apparent is that rookies have a high degree of variability each week and tend to be risky to start in their first season. Use this information as you plan for your 2014 draft and analyze the rookies that you might draft.

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