Dominate Your Fantasy Football League with this Tutorial for Importing Custom Projection Files into the Draftalyzer App

One of the best features of the Draftalyzer fantasy football drafting app is the ability to import your own custom fantasy football player projection files. However this advanced feature is one of the more difficult aspects to use.

This step by step tutorial will show you how to take advantage of this powerful feature of the Draftalyzer fantasy football app so you will be the most prepared player in your league. Once you've followed these steps you can customize the data in Draftalyzer to the specifics of your league.

For example if your league uses PPR or gives 12 points for a touchdown you can easily create a CSV file in your favorite spreadsheet program and import it into Draftalyzer.

To get started we've provided a sample CSV file that shows the format that your file needs to follow. You can download this file by clicking this link and then open it in your spreadsheet program to make your updates.

We've provided 2 ways to import this file into Draftalyzer: 1) iOS File Sharing and 2) using the Open With functionality

1) To use iOS File sharing connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer and open iTunes. Next select your device in iTunes and then select the Apps tab. Now scroll to the bottom, select the Draftalyzer app, drag the CSV file to the right hand file list, and then click sync. Your CSV file will now be available to use in the Draftalyzer app.

2) The second method takes advantage of the iOS 'Open With' capabilities. Apps on your iPhone can already display CSV files - most commonly the Mail app or Safari can be used. The easiest method is to email your CSV file to yourself, open the email, tap and hold the attachment and choose Open With Draftalyzer. This will import your CSV file into the app and it will be available to use in the Draftalyzer app.

Now you're ready to use your imported player projection file. You can edit it even further in Draftalyzer or use it right away to conduct some mock drafts for your fantasy football league.

Good luck using the Draftalyzer app to dominate your Fantasy Football League this year!

If you have any more questions feel free to email us or contact us on Twitter below.

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